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Welcome at QRP4Fun!
Amateur radio - what's this?
Who I am
News and informations
newNorthern lights and amateur radio, March 20 - 25, 2017
End of the year in Liechtenstein, December 17, 2016 - January 1, 2017
On your marks (summits), get set, go!, October 2 - 3, 2016
10th Meeting of QRPer and homebrewer in the Black Forrest, October 1, 2016
On the way in Liechtenstein, May 10 - 25 and September 12 - 20, 2015
Between the years in Liechtenstein, December 21, 2014 - January 3, 2015
Hiking at the Azores, May 14 - 25, 2014
Turn of the year in Liechtenstein, December 21, 2013 - January 5, 2014
7th Meeting of QRPer and homebrewer in the Black Forrest, October 5, 2013
Highland, Lochs and Castles - on the way in Scotland, August 17 - 30, 2013
Mountains, snow and a radio station, January 12 - 27, 2013
Hiking in the Principality of Liechtenstein, July 14 - 29, 2012
Around the Brocken - on the way in the Upper Harz, January 14 - 29, 2012
On the way on water-waves and on radio-waves, July 16 - 22, 2011
Chalk, stones, wind und waves - as radio amateur on Rügen, April 9 - 25, 2011
Around Iceland, July 15 - 28, 2010
Tierra del Fuego - at the end of the world, December 19, 2009 - Januar 4, 2010
Wildflowers in the desert of South Africa, August 21 - September 5, 2009
Festival in the old town of Nauen - amateur radio visualized, May 9, 2009
Handicraft weekend in Jessern, April 24 - 26, 2009
Sand and more - Sandsation in Namibia, March 14 - 29, 2008
Andorra - On the way in the Pyrenees, July 25 - August 3, 2007
Between glaciers and geysers - Crosswise by Iceland, July 13 - 26, 2006
Nepal - Under the roof of the world, December 23, 2005 - January 6, 2006
Ireland, the Emerald Island, July 25 - August 7, 2005
3rd Meeting for QRP, Homebrewing and Youth at the Adlersberg, July 23 - 25, 2004
Fascination of QRP and DXing
What is QRP operation and what should I consider with it?
  What hides itself behind QRP?
  Operation mode - not only with a QRP station
Which technical demands required the QRP operation?
  Antenna Rules of Thumb by Jim Duffey, KK6MC
Where can I receive assistance?
What are DX stations, how do I find these and how reach I these?
changed  List of DXCC entities
changed  List of callsign series
  My DXCC results reached until now
  Thoughts on Working DX by Jim Duffey, KK6MC
QRP Hall of Fame
A lot of fun with telegraphy
(My) reasons for the use of CW
Structure of a CW character
International CW characters
  Enumeration of international CW characters
CW abbreviations
  List of CW abbreviations
CW rate and PARIS standard
Glance in the shack
QRP Plus by Index Laboratories SSB and CW, until 5 W, 160 - 10 m
Green Mountain 15 by Small Wonder Labs CW, 2 W, 15 m
  Modification for the Green Mountain
Green Mountain 10 by Small Wonder Labs CW, 1.5 W, 10 m
NorCal40A by Wilderness Radio CW, until 3 W, 40 m
NorCal40A by Wilderness Radio CW, until 3 W, modified for 80 m
K2 by Elecraft Basic unit: CW, until 10 W, 80 - 10 m
  Modifications for the Elecraft K2
Spatz by DL-QRP-AG CW, 5 W, 30 m
K1 by Elecraft CW, until 5 W, 4 bands, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, 17 or 15 m
newKX3 by Elecraft CW, SSB, AM, FM, Digimode, until 15 W, 160 - 6 m, including 60 m
QRP Automatic Tuner by LDG until 10 W
  Modifications for the QRP Automatic Tuner
ZM-2 by Emtech Z-Match: 80 - 10 m, until 15 W
Tuner for multiband Fuchs antenna by Frank Lamprecht, DL7AQT
  Construction of the multiband Fuchs antenna
ZM-4 by Peter Zenker, DL2FI Z-Match: 160 - 10 m, until 15 W
Multiband vertical using the Fibreglass Telescope Tower FTT by Walter Spieth, DK9SQ
  Vertikal antenne on the balkony
MP-1 by Super Antennas and follower HF-P1
Can antenna by Arthur Wenzel, DL7AHW
  Construction of the can antenna
18 m fibreglas telescope mast by Spiderbeam
  Experiences with the 18 m fibreglas telescope mast
Multi-band antenna to use out and about
  Construction of the multi-band antenna to use out and about
10 m GFK Mast Mini by DX-Wire
6 m GFK Portable Mast by Lambdahalbe
Accessory for the station
NiMH accumulators by Varta
Charger for NiMH accumulators by Basetech
Sealed lead-acid accumulators
  Capacity of lead-acid accumulators
  Charge methods of lead-acid accumulators
  Usage hints of lead-acid accumulators
Charger for sealed lead-acid accumulator by Egston
  Modification to the accumulator charger for sealed lead-acid accumulator
Straight key by Kent Engineers
Squeezer by Kent Engineers
Wabbler by Kent Engineers
Funky - a key using pressure sensors
  Construction of the Funky - a key using pressure sensors
CWF - finger morse key by Gerd Lienemann, DF9IV
  Construction of the CWF - finger morse key
Minkey by Englmar Wenk, DK1WE
Palm Portable Key by Palm Radio
Mini Morse Key by Markus Baseler, DL6YYM (BaMaTech)
Dummy loads as far as the eye can see
  Various dummy loads
extendedMeters, testers, tools and tips
Freq-Mite by Small Wonder Labs until 32.767 MHz
Digital Frequency Display DFD1 by Almost All Digital Electronics (AADE) until 40 MHz
Frequency counter without current for all frequencies
SWR-Meter for power from 350 mW - 25 W
MFJ-259B by MFJ SWR Analyzer, 1.8 - 170 MHz
  Technical documentations for MFJ-259 and MFJ-259B
L/C Meter IIB by Almost All Digital Electronics (AADE)
  Modification for the L/C Meter IIB
WM-2 by Oak Hills Research (OHR) QRP power meter
  Modifications for the WM-2
RF/AF probe by QRPproject for RF/AF power until 30 MHz
FA-NWT by Funkamateur (Box 73) sweeper, 0.1 - 160 MHz
  Extentions for the FA-NWT
FA-SAV by Funkamateur (Box 73) spectrum analyzer, 1 - 75 MHz and 135 - 148 MHz
SARK-110 by Melchor Varela, EA4FRB antenna analyzer, 0.1 - 230 MHz
Noise generator
  Construction of the noise generator
10 MHz frequency standard with RS-GGO10M-TG
  Construction of the 10 MHz frequency standard with an RS-GGO10M-TG
NJ Islander
  The NJ Islander and ICs
Step drill
  Use of step drills
Magnifying glass
Sprat CD-ROM (first edition with issues 1-100)
  Installation of the Sprat CD-ROM without floppy drive
newAdapter BNC-plug to pole-terminal
Coil winding - the easy way
  Tutorial Coil winding - the easy way
Stand for transceiver
  Stand for small transceiver build from a CD case
Helpful mathematics
Parallel and series connection of resistors
  Calculation of parallel connection of up to 5 resistors
  Calculation of series connection of up to 5 resistors
newStar-delta-transform of resistors
new  Calculation of the star-delta-transform of resistors
  Calculation of attenuators
Power attenuators
  Calculation of power attenuators
Attenuators with minimum loss
  Calculation of attenuators with minimum loss
Signal splitter with resistors
  Calculation of signal splitters with resistors
Color code of resistors
  Color code calculator for resistors
Band spread with variable capacitors
  Calculation of band spread with variable capacitors
Parallel connection of reactances
  Calculation of parallel connection of reactances
Reactances in series and parallel connections
  Conversion of reactances in series and parallel connections
Resonant circuits
  Calculation of resonant circuits
Fuchs network
  Calculation of Fuchs networks
Match of resistances with LC networks
  Calculation of match of resistances with LC networks
Match of reactances with LC networks
  Calculation of match of reactances with LC networks
Power levels and voltage levels
  Conversion of power levels at 50 Ω
  Conversion of power levels and voltage levels at 50 Ω
Spherical geometry
  Calculation of the distance and direction between 2 points on earth
Thermal resistor of a heatsink
  Calculation of the thermal resistor of a heatsink
Special links
QRP clubs
Other QRP stations
QRP equipment and kits
Electronic elements
Antennas and masts
Software for ham radio operators
Spectrogram by Richard Horne AF spectrum
Spectrum Lab by Wolfgang Büscher, DL4YHF AF spectrum
sPlan by Abacom Design of schematic circuit diagrams
Sprint-Layout by Abacom Design of printed circuit boards
Azimuth by Tony Field, VE6YP Beam maps
AZMap by Paul Burton, AA6Z Beam maps
Free Azimuthal Maps by Tom Epperly, NS6T Beam maps
Mini Ring Core Calculator by Wilfried Burmeister (SK), DL5SWB and
  Klaus Warsow, DG0KW
NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network
  Beacon schedule by Ingo Meyer, DK3RED
VOACAP propagation predictions
HamQTH by Petr Hlozek, OK2CQR free international callsign directory
QRZ.COM international callsign directory
Buckmaster international callsign directory
SelfHTML documentation of the desgin of webpages
MailWasher Free by Mailwsher and
  MailWasher Pro by Firetrust filters out spam from e-mails
AntiVir shield virus
Firefox fast web browser
Thunderbird e-mail program with no frills
Formpost forwarding of formulares via e-mail
Validator of the W3 Consortium error checkup of HTML files and CSS files
Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer by Fred Espenak and Chris O'Byrne
   Calculation of lunar eclipses
Javascript Solar Eclipse Explorer by Fred Espenak and Chris O'Byrne
   Calculation of solar eclipses
Electronic baubles
WE1 - World radio by ELV Elektronik
KLU2001 - DCF77 controlled clock by ELV Elektronik
Food for the soul
Total lunar eclipse with "super blood moon"
As with the eye doctor
Stealth Antenna
Twisted letters
I love CW
Number problem
I wish you the time by Elli Michler
Inexhaustible power source
When God created the man by an unknown author
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
Logbooks and QSL cards
QSL cards
Notes for the guestbook
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