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QSL cards
Every ham radio operator should mail a QSL card for each QSO, also if he don't collect himself no or anymore QSL cards. The reason is simple: Perhaps your dialogue partner just begins to collect QSL cards as memory or for awards. Here you can see my QSL cards, which are self-evident sended via bureau or direct to the dialogue partners.
QSL cards series DL QSL cards series DXpeditions On the left side you can scroll through the QSL cards of my home station and my activities inside Germany. On the right side you can scroll through the QSL cards of my DXpeditions so far.
Many of this QSL cards were printed by QSL-Shop. Because printing special QSL cards with minimum quantities of 500 or 1000 pieces is not economically for less than 50 QSO's. Therefore I have chosen for my smaller DXpeditions often postcards or photos with labels on it.